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Non-standard Pallets? – Non-standard Pallet Gate!

Just because your pallets are higher and wider than standard does not mean that you cannot have a safety pallet gate. Here at Advantage, we specialise in non-standard requirements. We can offer ‘up and over’ pallet gates to accommodate pallets of 1300mm to well over 3000mm in width, depths in excess of 2500mm and heights from 1800mm up to 3000mm.

We also offer chequer wearplates to suit which will protect the mezzanine floor when pallets are loaded. They extend 1400mm deep on the topside of the floor with a 100mm lip to the front edge.

All our pallet gates are approved by Health & Safety professionals. They ensure that there is never an exposed edge when pallets are loaded and offloaded. ‘Sliding rail’ edge protection for loading pallets is no longer considered acceptable.

According to ROSPA, falls from height are among the most common kinds of accident involved with fatal injuries.

The gate components are delivered on pallets for you to assemble and install on site but we do offer an installation service within a 150 mile radius of Worcester, where we are based.

Just call a member of our team for advice and a free no obligation quotation.

If your mezzanine floor was installed some time ago, you may have opted for the low cost option of a sliding rail for pallet access, as pictured in the main image above.

Even when used in conjunction with a site specific risk assessment, this system still relies on operators remembering to slide the bars back after use and potentially leaves employees working in this area vulnerable.

Current Health and Safety Work at Height Regulations require the employer to take all reasonable measures to safeguard personnel from falls from height.

We strongly recommend that for all current installations customers use a safety pallet gate which ensures that there is never an exposed edge on the mezzanine floor. We would also advise any existing sites to seriously consider replacing sliding rails with a safer option.

Advantage offer two models of safety pallet gate – the ‘up and over’ model and a bi-swing spring loaded gate. Both are pictured above below the main image.

Standard sizes are ideal for typically 1200 x 1000mm pallets with the up and over gates accommodating loads up to 1500mm high.

For custom requirements – just give Advantage a call at our Worcester offices and we shall be happy to discuss the right solution for you.