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Mezzanine Floors Working for You

At Advantage UK, we understand the importance of high quality flooring. As the foundation of an entire building, this aspect is highly responsible first impressions. High quality, clean and practical flooring is a vital part of any enterprise today and we can certainly help.

To ensure every mezzanine flooring project we have fitted for the last two decades goes according to plan and stays on budget, we have a specialist system in place. 

The process starts with planning

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One thing we never do at Advantage UK is rush into a job. Initially we will sit down with you making sure we agree on the aims of the project moving forward. After this, we’ll go through a full site survey ensuring everything is in place for a safe UK floor fitting exercise.

Once reviewed and agreed, we’ll create a concept design that can be used moving forward. This is made using CAD, and should ensure an accurate, authentic finish to the concept.

Everything is thought of beforehand

technical drawings for mezzanines

When installing any kind of flooring, the most important factor stems from having trust with those involved. By giving you a full quote with no hidden fees or extra costs, we make sure you can trust us to give you a good deal upon arrival. Our team will then go through a full and thorough structural design, using AdvanceSteel software.

Once we complete this part of the process, we’ll be able to get moving with the next key phase of the process – working drawings. These will be given for full approval by yourself as well as building control. Once that is set in stone, we can get to work.

Manufacturing and delivery is simple


At Advantage UK, we have a thoroughly planned out manufacturing process. Our team will get to work on the creation of your required product, using CAD/CAM state-of-the-art automatic punching and cutting equipment. We also use high end drilling to ensure throughout every phase of the project we have complete accuracy and precision. Our aim is to leave you with a mezzanine flooring solution that looks fantastic and is structurally sound.

Delivery and installation is straightforward. Once developed through a detailed planning series, we then go ahead and start delivering the installation of your flooring. If you need this to be handled outside of business hours, we will do so where possible. Upon completion, an in-house Approved Building Control Inspector will evaluate our handiwork. They’ll go through the entire project, ensuring everything is designed to the highest of specification.

Results leave you with mezzanine flooring of the highest standard. For more information, be sure to check out our service today. You’ll find our prices competitive and customer service, second to none. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

Once determined that mezzanine flooring is the most suitable way to increase space, there are certain elements required for consideration. This post highlights such necessary aspects whilst providing a good overview on getting the most from a mezzanine. So where do we start?

Begin with ‘Purpose’

It’s important to determine specifically where a mezzanine is to be placed and what it will be used for. For example, if you’re a retail outlet you’ll be looking to create more space to display items. The finished product needs to be functional yet look inviting. Overall results will need to be sturdy and long-lasting. 

On the other hand;

It may only be for storage making this solution highly cost effective. This particular type of mezzanine is more functional than aesthetic. This type of storage solution is perfect for many factories, warehouses and similar outlets and could even be the difference between moving premises and not. 

If neither of those are relevant;

Additional office space may be required with results offering a modern, stylish finish. Similarly to the above, a mezzanine can mean not having to move equipment and a dedicated team to a brand new workspace. Not only can a business easily expand it saves money along the way. 

Deliberate Design

You must determine exactly how much space is required to accommodate mezzanine flooring. Do you have the perfect design ideas already in your head? Are these thoughts actually feasible? Contemplate the people who will be using this new space and make sure access is straightforward for everyone. Do you have a lift available? 

But that’s not all;

Safety is paramount. You must inspect and comply with all the necessary fire safety guidelines. Ignoring these leaves a company in breach of Health and Safety regulations. Understanding mezzanine features is beneficial. These may include automatic fire detection, emergency lighting or fire walls and sprinkler systems. Escape routes must also be determined. 

And if all that’s not enough;

Envisage the temperature and remember heat rises. Correct levels of ventilation are necessary for everyone within a building. A stuffy environment can be responsible for reduced productivity whilst proving highly uncomfortable. Having considered the above factors it’s time to move forwards in creating the perfect mezzanine flooring addition to suit your requirements.

Our blog today investigated the benefits of mezzanine flooring. We will provide a clear definition, how mezzanine floors work and how they add value to businesses. 

What is a Mezzanine Floor?

Located between the main floors of a building, a mezzanine extends from one side but does not meet the other. Because it doesn’t stretch the entirety of the building area it is not considered a main floor. A mezzanine usually shares the same ceiling as the floor below. 

Now we have described this specific floor type, let’s take a look at some of the advantages. 

Increase Floor Space

The addition of mezzanine flooring means a company has the ability to create extra space without going down the extension route. The latter may require planning permission and can be a lengthy process. When a company requires space quickly and does not wish to move premises, mezzanine floors are straightforward and cost effective solutions. 

Ideal for Flexibility

An entire array of industries benefit from mezzanine floors. Using warehouses as an example, the needs of each space are unique. This style of flooring offers bespoke designs suitable to individual needs. Warehouses are given flexibility to ensure the creation of additional space. 

Workplace Productivity

The inclusion of an extra floor gives companies more space. Larger capacity is likely to decrease any clutter previously building up. A mezzanine installation in this instance increases efficiency due to the new space. Health and Safety gains a huge tick with accident risks lowered. Employees have the ability to go about daily tasks without disruption and in a more timely fashion.  

Long Term Solution

We’ve briefly mentioned how mezzanines work well in warehouses. We use this example due to the fast paced nature of the environment. During high demand, products will be ordered in bulk with storage essential. An extra floor in this instance provides a quick fix and when built properly, has the ability to last for many years to come. Mezzanine floors are a great way for warehouses to maximise storage capacity without having to investigate moving. 

Easy to Demount

Should the time arise when a move becomes absolutely necessary, mezzanine floors are easily deconstructed. They can be moved across to new premises and reconstructed once again. 

Mezzanine floors offer additional space in many locations across numerous industries. They are a cost-effective way of increasing both space and productivity.

Just because your pallets are higher and wider than standard does not mean that you cannot have a safety pallet gate. Here at Advantage, we specialise in non-standard requirements. We can offer ‘up and over’ pallet gates to accommodate pallets of 1300mm to well over 3000mm in width, depths in excess of 2500mm and heights from 1800mm up to 3000mm.

We also offer chequer wearplates to suit which will protect the mezzanine floor when pallets are loaded. They extend 1400mm deep on the topside of the floor with a 100mm lip to the front edge.

All our pallet gates are approved by Health & Safety professionals. They ensure that there is never an exposed edge when pallets are loaded and offloaded. ‘Sliding rail’ edge protection for loading pallets is no longer considered acceptable.

According to ROSPA, falls from height are among the most common kinds of accident involved with fatal injuries.

The gate components are delivered on pallets for you to assemble and install on site but we do offer an installation service within a 150 mile radius of Worcester, where we are based.

Just call a member of our team for advice and a free no obligation quotation.

A Warehousing Distribution Centre located in Gloucestershire needed to double its storage space and chose Advantage to project manage and complete the job. Advantage’s services included the design and installation of:

In June we completed a large mezzanine and fit-out build in Shropshire. The project entailed the design and build of two mezzanine floors with a total floor area of 543sqm

Additional works included: