Warehouse Mezzanine Floors

Improve your production space with a warehouse mezzanine floor

The word mezzanine comes from the Italian word ‘mezzo’ - which means ‘half’ - and it is additional floor space created by using the vertical area of a building.

It isn’t regarded as a main floor because they are temporary structures. If a building is especially tall, then a multi-tiered mezzanine can be installed with one above the other. They are considered to be non-permanent, as they can be dismantled and removed or relocated, when necessary, which also means that generally, they don’t require planning permission.

Able to become a new office area, meeting rooms, toilets, rest rooms or just much-needed additional storage, a mezzanine floor installation has the power to transform your current warehouse or industrial space in a very short amount of time. A mezzanine can be a cost-effective and easier alternative to the upheaval of relocation for businesses.

Why install a mezzanine floor in your warehouse?

A mezzanine is a perfect way to expand your available space in your warehouse.

They have the power to almost double your floor area in a matter of days. Allowing for that much needed room to add production, packaging machinery or dispatch areas through the investment in a warehouse mezzanine installation. Providing the opportunity for a business to achieve their desired expansion or growth plans.

Should your business need a greater area for storage, a warehouse mezzanine floor system is the ideal solution as it can be installed quickly and with added safety features such as railings and pallet gates to keep your workforce, stock and machinery protected.

There are many reasons why a mezzanine floor is an additional space that your warehouse needs. For more information, see our blog on maximising your warehouse space with mezzanine flooring.

What can you use your warehouse mezzanine floor for?

A mezzanine floor for your warehouse offers a vast array of possibilities for your business’s applications, allowing your company to expand its processes into the most efficient way possible. Not only does installing a warehouse mezzanine floor system enable you to extend your company’s production, but it does so without a costly relocation or extension. Creating smaller rooms or workspaces in a warehouse can also deliver greater heating efficiencies by reducing the heat loss from these types of buildings which are not always well insulated.

Some of the ways that a warehouse mezzanine can be used include:

workplace three

Pallet Racking

A warehouse mezzanine floor fitted with pallet racking allows your products to be stored in a safe way off the production floor. Warehouse mezzanine flooring is incredibly robust and able to handle vast weights of pallet racking and stocked pallets, keeping your bulky items well organised and safely stowed off the ground floor.

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Mezzanine Floor Offices

It can be helpful to have a manager able to oversee the production processes from a higher vantage point, and a mezzanine floor system can provide this. A warehouse mezzanine floor office is also able to take the admin team out of the manufacturing areas providing greater space for production maximising the business’s vital functions in the appropriate areas.

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Storage & Shelving

An ideal solution for businesses that are looking to solve a storage shortage, your new warehouse mezzanine can be fitted with additional shelving to accommodate the business’s needs and help with stock rotation issues. Shelving can be custom-built to your unique requirements keeping everything organised and tidy.

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Staff Areas

A warehouse mezzanine installation is perfect for creating the facilities that your workforce may need to use during the working day. From a kitchen area, breakout spaces and meeting rooms to toilets and locker rooms, you can provide anything your employees need to feel happy and able to give their best on the job.

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Packaging Areas

Depending on your business’s procedures, you may need extra space to fulfil your company’s packaging processes and prepare products to be shipped. A warehouse mezzanine  can quickly and simply create extra floor allowing for these much-needed additions to meet the business’s demands.

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Whatever the way that your company is looking to grow, either through the increase in production or in workforce, a warehouse mezzanine is a versatile and cost-effective way to achieve what you’re looking for. With mezzanine floor installations allowing for more than one level, you can incorporate and adapt in several ways to support your vision.


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