Made to measure mezzanine flooring systems

Advantage Storage and Handling has been providing high-profile clients across the UK with top-quality mezzanine floors for over twenty-five years. We measure, design and manufacture each of our floors individually using CAD technology, ensuring our affordable solutions meet your project requirements.  

Your trusted mezzanine floor suppliers

Advantage Storage and Handling is proud to be among the UK’s leading mezzanine floor suppliers. We’ve fitted mezzanine floors for thousands of clients nationwide, with a track record of satisfied customers – who received high-quality services with exceptional turnaround – we’re clearly a partner you can trust.  

You’ll notice the difference with Advantage Storage and Handling from the word “go”.

As soon as we’ve had an initial consultation with you to determine your needs, we’ll head to your site to take measurements and start planning your design. We use the latest CAD technology to do this and keep you updated throughout the design process, to ensure we meet the project specification and deliver customer satisfaction.  

How a mezzanine floor could benefit your business

Struggling for storage space? Want to make your workplace more friendly and modern? Or perhaps you need to update your office area now your company has grown? Whatever your reason for installing a mezzanine floor, Advantage Storage and Handling is here for you. 

We design and install made-to-measure storage flooring in all kinds of properties – large or small – helping our customers to optimise their space without breaking the bank. Mezzanines allow you to add new areas of any size to your existing property, whether it’s for storage purposes or to create an improved atmosphere. They’re a quick, versatile way to create quiet spaces, break rooms or private meeting areas, to name just a few examples.  

With our complete package, we’ll take you from initial design and conception to post-installation maintenance, even offering a range of office fit out solutions to help you make the most of the end result. 

We can install a range of mezzanine floor types

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Companies often require additional office space, particularly as they continue to grow. Rather than undergoing costly structural changes or moving premises, why not install a mezzanine floor? They can be used to create separate, private areas quickly and affordably – and look great, too.  

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As a quick and easy way to optimise your manufacturing space, industrial mezzanines can be a valuable asset to your production business. It’s vital that you keep up with growth and demand while minimising disruption – and that’s where our mezzanine experts come in.

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Retail mezzanine floors

Nowadays, customers are looking for an experience when they shop, rather than just a product. In addition to optimising space and storage in your existing commercial areas, our mezzanine flooring solutions can be used to add an interesting new look and dynamic to your building. 

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Storage mezzanine floors

Mezzanine flooring is perfect for adding additional storage space to your office or warehouse. It’s a cost-effective way of accommodating business growth, whilst keeping your equipment, products and stock organised and within easy reach. 

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Warehouse mezzanine floors

Our mezzanine floors are top quality. Not only are they made to measure, but they also come with full CE certification and structural and loading calculations, allowing you to take advantage of your new storage solutions with complete peace of mind.  

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Mezzanine pallet safety gates are designed to keep you safe as you handle goods on our mezzanine floors. They do this by preventing you from falling through any dangerous gaps. Our top-quality gates are incredibly strong and also meet the latest safety requirements.  


Forward-thinking mezzanine specialists

We have the advantage when it comes to mezzanine platforms. With over twenty-five years of experience, combined with the very latest in CAD technology, we’re able to install mezzanine solutions specifically designed to safeguard the future of your business. We want to make sure you have the room to grow and develop, as you continue to celebrate your successes.  

We take the time to discuss your future plans and aims with you, as well as considering your current requirements. Our expert teams then start work on your designs, keeping you up to date throughout the entire process. Our installations are quick, flexible and seamless, meaning you can put your new floor to use almost immediately. In fact, with our comprehensive, turnkey approach to mezzanine projects, we can help you fit and furnish your newly built areas as well. With Advantage Storage and Handling, the agile workplace of your dreams is just a phone call away! 

Discuss your needs with one of our experts.

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Mezzanine floors for all businesses and budgets

Advantage Storage and Handling understands the importance of great customer service. You have enough to think about without worrying about measurements and costs and want to find everything you need in one place. We want to give you exactly what you want, when you want – in a way that best suits your needs and budget. That’s why we discuss your individual requirements with you in detail before coming up with state-of-the-art, made-to-measure plans for your new mezzanine floor. Whether you’re looking to add a whole new floor to your office building or simply need a new storage area, we can deliver just what you need, on time and on budget.


How much does mezzanine flooring cost?

Because all our mezzanine floors are made to measure and differ based on each client’s individual needs, it’s difficult to give a ballpark figure on how much they might cost. The best thing to do is contact us to discuss your requirements and get your individual quotation.

We also have payment plans available if you do need help financing your mezzanine floor. Generally speaking, however, mezzanine flooring is a versatile, cost-effective way to increase your existing space. Compared to the cost of moving or major structural changes that require planning permission, mezzanine floors are a budget-friendly option. In fact, because they’re so easy to install, they require little labour and downtime, further reducing your expenses. We also offer flexible, out-of-hours appointments if required, to reduce potential interruptions and make the process as stress-free as possible.

Do I need planning permission to install a mezzanine floor?

Because mezzanine flooring can be removed and all changes to your building are internal, planning consent is not generally required. You will, however, need approval from a certified building control inspector.

Since Advantage Storage and Handling is a turnkey service, we will take care of these formalities on your behalf. Learn more about if your mezzanine will need planning permission here.

How long will it take to install a mezzanine floor?

Advantage Storage and Handling prides itself on its quick turnaround times, never compromising on quality. We’ve delivered thousands of projects on time and on budget, often in a matter of just days. Because each of our projects are unique, there is no set completion time. However, we can guarantee that your mezzanine floor will be fitted as quickly as possible with a minimal amount of disruption. Our experts will ensure that everything is clean, safe and ready to go upon completion, leaving you to benefit from your new mezzanine floor as quickly as possible. Contact us for an initial consultation today.

Does mezzanine flooring require a fire rating?

There are a number of variables impacting fire ratings and when it is required. Advantage Storage and Handling takes care of all the building control requirements associated with your project as part of our comprehensive, end-to-end service. Fire rating is particularly important in office and industrial spaces that will be occupied with people, so we will evaluate your space and guide you on delivering a safe and compliant solution All our mezzanines are CE certified guaranteeing that they meet the relevant quality assurance standards.

What types of mezzanine floors do you provide?

Advantage provide a wide range of mezzanine floors including office, production, storage, retail and warehouse mezzanine floors. All of our floors are made-to-measure to suit your space, requirements and desired design. We design and install mezzanine floors for spaces of all different shapes and sizes, and for a variety of business environments such as offices, factories, shops and warehouses – and anything in between. All our floors are CE certified and can be one-hour fire rated. For more information or to start discussing your dream design, contact us today.

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