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Complete Storage Solution With Minimal Disruption Fast Pick Distribution Warehouse, East Midlands Storage Solutions

Complete Storage Solution With Minimal Disruption

Our brief on this project was to provide a complete storage solution in a new warehouse for this ‘fast pick’ distributor.

Advantage worked with the customer at the planning stage, giving advice on the best products for each area of their operation.

The final installation combined the following:

  • Carton live storage
  • Fast pick ‘Just’ shelving – in excess of 250 bays
  • Narrow isle pallet racking with protection from forklift damage including upright post protectors and end of isle steel barriers
  • Packaging benches with accessories for stock despatch.
  • Pedestrian areas were protected from forklift lanes by runs of Armco barrier.
  • Order and pick flow for maximum efficiency was the objective.

All storage equipment and benching was supplied by Advantage and installed by our qualified and experienced team of fitters.

When the customer needed to change the layout later to accommodate a new SKU system, Advantage installers turned the whole warehouse layout 90 degrees in just 2 weeks without significant disruption to normal operations, working nightshifts as required.

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