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Case Study: Mezzanine Floor, Tewkesbury Case Study: Mezzanine Floor, Tewkesbury Mezzanines

Case Study: Mezzanine Floor, Tewkesbury

Turnkey Mezzanine Floor, Tewkesbury

• Complete design and build of a small mezzanine floor in Tewkesbury.
• 39m2 mezzanine floor <50% of the warehouse area.
• Full CAD/CAM design with structural calculations.
• Designed to fit a vehicle beneath as well as storage above and below.
• Included a pallet safety gate for ease of loading/unloading the mezzanine whilst maintaining staff safety.
• Extremely fast and efficient installation taking only 1 day.
• Building control approval undertaken by Advantage making the end to end process extremely simple for the customer.

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