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What are Suspended Ceilings?

Also known as false or drop ceilings, suspended ceilings are composed of a metal grid...
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How Office Partition Walls can Maximise your Office Space

Wondering how office partition walls can maximise your space? Office partition walls are ideal for...
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Do I need Planning Permission for a Mezzanine Floor?

As mezzanines are semi-permanent floors and are usually free-standing, they can be dismantled and relocated...
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How a Mezzanine Floor can Reduce Energy Costs

Mezzanine floors are a great way of reducing energy costs in warehouses and other industrial...
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Why Do You Need a Mezzanine Floor Office?

A mezzanine floor office is an ideal solution for expanding, transforming, or adapting the space...
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Make Safety a Priority

Now more than ever safety is a high priority in the workplace. As the year...
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Will My Mezzanine Need Fire Protection?

'Will my mezzanine need fire protection?' is a question we frequently get asked by potential...
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Still Using Sliding Rail Pallet Access on Your Mezzanine?

If your mezzanine floor was installed some time ago, you may have opted for the...
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What Do You Store Above Your Office Ceiling?

Most single storey offices, like the one pictured, have dead space above them as the...
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