Express Delivery Shelving and Racking at Amazing Prices!

Our express shelving and racking products are great value and so easily installed. With a wide choice of different sizes and loadings, we are confident that there will be a product to suit your individual application.

All the shelving is manufactured using high-quality materials with a hard-wearing finish, so you can be sure they will stand the test of time.


Here are just some of the products we offer:-

Clicka Shelving

We believe this is the best value steel shelving system you can buy with bays from just £50.00 + VAT!

Clicka bays are available for delivery within 48 hours. No tools are needed to assemble the shelving The average time to install an individual bay is just 10 minutes and you will be amazed how easy it is to create massive storage areas.

Bays are supplied with 5 shelf levels and a choice of two shelf capacities.

The Clicka 175 is supplied with 8mm thick chipboard decking to hold loads up to 175kg UDL per shelf with a maximum bay load of 875kg. Bays are 1770mm high x 900mm wide and depths of 300mm, 450mm or 600mm. Clicka 175 bays with stylish all white uprights and shelf beams are now available with a delivery lead time of 5 working days.

The Clicka 265 is supplied with 8mm thick MDF decking to hold loads up to 265kg UDL per shelf with a maximum bay load of 1325kg. Bays are 1770mm high x 900 or 1200mm wide and depths of 300mm, 450mm or 600mm.

Clicka steel shelving is made in Europe and tested to the highest standards.


Rivet Racking

Rivet racking offers incredible value for money whilst offering amazing strength and rigidity.

Rivet racking bays are available for delivery in just 5 working days.

The system is easy to build with all parts being tapped together with a rubber mallet. Components are joined by inserting heavy duty rivets located on the beams into keyhole slots on the uprights. There are no nuts and bolts and the bays need no bracing allowing open access on all 4 sides.

There is a rivet racking bay to suit every application with a choice of heavy, medium and lighter duty systems in a wide range of sizes and with shelf capacities up to 600kg. Notched side beams are also available which can be used with tubes to create rails.

Beams and uprights are finished with a strong epoxy paint finish and the shelving decks are 15 to 18mm thick chipboard.



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