Advantage Mezzanine Floors

Storage Mezzanines

A storage mezzanine offers the most cost effective solution in increasing your vertical workspace area.

We offer storage loads from 3.5kN/m² (350kg/m²) to typically 10.0kN/m² (1000kg/ m²) with a wide choice of pallet access gates and staircase design.

Dependent on the size of the floor and other building control parameters, the floor may require fire protection which we would be delighted to discuss on site.

We supply mezzanine floors of all sizes from 10m2 to 2000m2 with mezzanine column spans to suit the environment below.

Mezzanine floors are normally installed as a freestanding structure independent of the building fabric.

Storage mezzanine with one hour fire protection, built over existing shelving out of hours Online distribution centre, Nottingham – fire rated storage mezzanine with ‘Longspan’ shelving Distribution centre at Gloucester – doubles warehouse capacity Space increased by 70%, working out of hours over existing shelving Storage mezzanine built in 2 days Storage mezzanine for bulk storage of stillages. Single flight staircase, general and emergency lighting

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