Advantage Mezzanine Floors

Pallet Gates

Pallet gates provide a simple method for loading pallets or stillages onto a mezzanine floor using a forklift truck or hand stacker.

Once on the floor, goods can be retrieved using a hand pallet truck or ‘handballed’ onto shelving (see storage equipment).

The ‘Advantage’ standard ‘up and over’ pallet safety gate offers an easy to use solution, providing a safe edge, being ideal for typically 1200 x 1000 x 1500mm high pallets. Where first floor height is restricted or the pallet load is high, alternative pallet gates are readily available.

Edge and top chequer wear plate provides a durable front edge and top surface to prevent the chance of damage to the floor.

Bi-swing pallet gate for high pallet use ‘Up and over’ safety pallet gate with wearplate Bespoke ‘up and over’ gate to suit non standard pallets. Edge protection and top chequer wearplate.

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