Advantage Mezzanine Floors

Fire Protection

Dependant on Building Control requirements, mezzanine floors, particularly office and production mezzanines where there are permanent workstations, will require one hour fire protection.

‘Advantage’ can offer a standard proprietary white steel outer cased system with one hour suspended ceiling or as a plasterboard ‘MF’ one hour system – call us to arrange a site visit to discuss your application.

White durable steel column casings, with ‘Promolite’ fire insulation Storage mezzanine exceeds 20m in more than one direction, hence, requiring one hour fire protection One hour fire protection to mezzanine floor - columns and fascia - with emergency lighting ‘MF’ one hour fire rated plasterboard smooth faced ceiling prior to painting, East Midlands. One hour specialist fire rated ‘Thermoclean’ tiles to suit a Class 8 Cleanroom, Worcestershire.

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